Camellia in Bloom

Camellia Show 2020 at Chiswick House and Gardens

This weekend I unintentionally ended up immersed in the Camellia show at Chiswick House and Gardens. Living in Chiswick (West London, UK) for the past year or so, Chiswick House has been our go-to place for a day out in the Sun, cycling practice, meeting up with friends for a cuppa and some lovely festivals. We headed out this Saturday, ie yesterday, to help our 5-year-old practice his cycling skills. Needless to say, we got tired and distracted after about an hour.

I had forgotten about the Camellia displays altogether. As soon as I read the signs leading to the Camellia show, I lost interest in everything and strolled quickly to where the magic was. If you haven’t visited the gorgeous Chiswick House and Gardens yet, I strongly recommend you do so if you’re into nature, long walks, lovely cafes and glorious gardens.

Where to find Camellias at Chiswick House and Gardens:

The Camellias are scattered throughout the gardens but there is a special conservatory within the ground that houses most of the various types of Camellias.

Camellia in Bloom
Camellias adoring the end of the Conservatory that houses more varieties inside.

If you’re having trouble deciding what kind of Camellia you would like in your garden, this gorgeous display with all the Camellias in bloom will take help you decide what kind of Camellia you want to bring home. They even have some on sale so most of you gardeners may not be able to go empty-handed. They are, as expected, slightly on the pricey side but they’re well-grown and absolutely stunning.

Conservatory at Chiswick House
The Conservatory that houses all the glorious Camellias

Finally, when I was done taking photos outside and gawking at the variety of the blooms, I entered the conservatory. Greeted by very friendly staff members, there was a list of the 32 Camellia varieties on display (you can open the photo below and zoom in for the whole list):

List of Camellias on display at Chiswick House and Gardens 2020
List of Camellias on Display
PLanter with purple flowers
From the very beginning, there is a left-sided display of terracotta pots with the show-stopping Camellias lined on the right.
Ancient Urn
One of the beautiful ‘urns’ displayed at the entrance.
ancient urn
The above in more detail..absolutely exquisite.

I stood next to each Camellia variety totally enchanted and definite that this was my favorite one, only to find the next one took an even bigger place in my heart. Camellias are so under-rated, if you ask me. Some argue that they don’t flower long enough. 6-8 weeks of the beauty of their blooms to announce the arrival of Spring in the extreme cold? I’d take that over most other winter flowering shrubs. In addition, their shiny evergreen foliage and lovely bark adds a lot of structure to most gardens. Anyway,I’m heavily biased.

I’ll show you as many as possible here but to really witness their beauty, you’d have to see them up close.

Plants in a conservatory
A very neat and practical display : Camellias with labels to the right.
Statue in front of flowers
I mean surrounded by over 30 varieties of Camellias might make you think you’ve seen it all but no..look again! Stunning displays again!
floral displays
One of the displays under the dome, a structure between the two ‘arms’ of the Conservatory.
Statue with a red camellia
Under the dome stands another eye-catching sculpture..
floral display
The dome itself is no exception. It is adorned by…yup,you guessed it! Camellias!
Camellia in Bloom
Camellia Japonica ‘Imbricata.’
Camellia in Bloom
I’m not sure which one this is but it’s absolutely gorgeous against the wall.

On your way out, if you have a look around, the rest of the gardens don’t disappoint even in the cold weather:

Box hedging
Immediately in front of the Conservatory..
Winding path in the grass
One of the many winding paths in front of the conservatory – perfect for long walks.
Urn surrounded by daffodils
One of the many focal points in front of the Conservatory
Ionic Temple
The Ionic Temple in Gardens North
Ionic Temple
The Ionic Temple in detail.
One of the lakes – easy to see why many Londoners love this place.
birds in front of a lake
Bird-watching has become quite the hobby for us, thanks to this lovely park.

Since I don’t want to make this post too long with additional photos of the Grand House and its stunning grounds, I’ll sign off here with a short video about Chiswick House and Gardens:

Chiswick House and Gardens – Short Intro.


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