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Collaborative Project # 1 – Illustrations and Cover for a Poetry Book

From the Depths of my Bipolarity – A collection of Poems by Rosalin W. Ash

Cover design, illustrations and photos by Aqsa Ghazanfar

I am excited to announce that this amazing collection of poems is now available to buy at Amazon. I do a little bit of drawing and photography purely as a hobby but this is the first time I have had the chance to showcase these. This book is dear to me not just for that reason but also because it is written by a close friend.

Poems by someone living with Bipolar Disorder whilst pursuing medicine do not come by very often. This is indeed a unique look into someone’s raw emotions and how their perception of reality may seem altered whilst they are going through the ups and downs of bipolar disorder. These are poems not just written by a ‘bipolar’ but also about the phases of bipolar disorder, their constant battle with their emotions and how having insight about their condition makes everything so much harder.

‘Possibly the first of its kind – a collection of poems from a doctor who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder just as she was falling in love and finishing her medical degree. A thought-provoking and inspirational set of poems written through the crucial time of facing a new diagnosis whilst being a medic and dealing with relationship issues, written in an intensely spiritual and sometimes even abstract way.

The book has 37 poems divided into 8 sections: Realisations, Love, Guilt, Need, Death, Depression, The Beauty of Creativity and Regret. From a few lines to covering a few pages, the poems vary greatly in intensity, language, and style providing a little for everyone to delve into.’

– Introduction to the poetry collection ‘From the Depths of my Bipolarity.’

Below is a sneak peak into the book and how it came about. If you have a Kindle account, it might be free. Since my friend uses a pen-name for privacy and has not advertised this herself, I am eagerly doing this on her behalf. She continues to battle Bipolar Disorder and is currently working on a second set of poems. We look forward to your reviews.

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